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We protect what
you value.

“High Security Performance”
from our automotive parts production
technologies is the feature of SLÄTTNY basic for bike.

Travel with your valuable bicycle or motorbike and
SLATTNY basic for bike was developed with this in mind.
security performance
and light weight.


change abilities.

The technologies we have developed
over the years in the automotive industry

SLÄTTNY basic for bike

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Brand story

We named it in respect of Sweden, the birthplace of ultra-high steel plate forming technology.

The brand logo expresses the image of "a strong connection(=octagon)" with "what you value(=circle)".

strong security lock has been created with steel plates
to protect the occupants in the event of a vehicle collision.

Aisin Takaoka's long-standing metalworking technology
as an automotive parts supplier has been applied to the security locks.

By adopting the ultra high strength materials used in automobile body parts,
enabling both excellent crash safety and weight reduction,

A new security lock “SLATTNY basic for bike” with excellent fracture resistance,
light weight and compactness is now available.

It is harder to break because the material used
in our security lock is five times stronger than normal.

Designed to be stylish and portable,
"SLATTNY basic for bike"

will make your cycling life both
sophisticated and meaningful!

Three features of
the SLÄTTNY basic
for bike +3


Designed to look cool when parked too,
and four colors available and four colors available


Can also be used for city drivingStylish designFocuson a design that looks cool when parked on a bicycle / motorbike, Available in three colours.
Choose the gear that suits your taste and style.


The security performance has been proven through a series of tests.


ust as we do in automotive components, Locks are subjected to a number of tests to assess their performance.
It was developed through a series of verifications in order to achieve lightweighting while maintaining security performance.

Robust locks that cannot
be easily pried open.

We arrived at the same key used in vending machines, which is made of a sturdy material that cannot be pried open.
Security is an important aspect of this lock, so we put a lot of effort into the selection process, doing a lot of research and comparing different products.

Strong material used
in automobiles!

Ultra-high-strength components used in car body parts are very strong materials that improve occupant safety, even in the event of a car accident.
Lightness is also important for automobile parts to improve fuel efficiency.
Our strength lies in our ability to handle materials that combine both high strength and light weight.

High strength

Ultra high strength steel plates that protect the occupants in the event of a vehicle collision are used.


The strength of steel plates that are commonly used is 270MPa. In contrast, the steel plates used in SLÄTTNY is 1,500 MPa.
More than five times stronger steel plates are used to protect your bike.


Can I buy it from a shop?
At present, it is only available on Amazon.
How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is one year after delivery.
What should I do if there is a fault?
Follow the instructions on the warranty card.
What colours are available?
Four colours are available.(Black x Black、Black x Gray、RED、GREEN)


4 colours

Size:175mm×63mm×42mm open length 950mm

Available with and without brackets.

Selling price

With holder:24,000yen
Without holder:22,500yen

SLÄTTNY basic for bike

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